1Starr Advertising Agency


Advertising Opportunities


1Starr Enterprises Inc. where people and businesses of all types, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds find solutions, effectively network, and bridge gaps for all demographics.
We offer many different advertising and marketing opportunities to reach all types of people and industries.

Leading multimedia corporation for education, empowerment, and entertainment
All races, ethnic groups, ans special interests. 
Children, pre-teens, teens, young-adults, adults, seniors, and all types of business professionals.
Active community of members sharing resources for any type of solution.
Vital resource for all for industry knowledge for any type of issue and for any type of business enterprise.

1Starr Advertising Group Offers the following types of advertising:

Online Advertising

Brand Advertising

Radio Advertsising

Billboard Advertising

Direct Response Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Print Advertising

Movie Theater Advertising


Multimedia Statistics


1Starr Television and Films
Over 5.3 million loyal listeners from around the world. 
Male / Female: 49% / 51% 
Age: 56% 18-34 
Age: 44% 35-55 


1STARR Radio Network
Over 2.3 million loyal listeners from around the world. 
Male / Female: 51% / 49% 
Age: 47% 18-34 
Age: 53% 35-55 



Media Statistics







Combined Monthly unique visitors: 28.7 Million 

Combined Monthly visits: 39.5 Million 

Male / Female: 51% / 49% 

Age: 32% 4-13 

Age: 37% 18-34 

Age: 31% 35-55