1Starr is firmly dedicated to providing empowerment to people and business entities of all genders, races, backgrounds, and spiritual beliefs through our official 1Starr  Educational and Empowerment Training Programs (EETP).

"We here at 1Starr do not believe in employing "PHDs" living in an eight bedroom house, regurgitating from a self-help books trying to teach real-life experiences. Each course is taught by real people who have to deal with real-life problems and real-life experiences." 



Executive Coaching
Empowerment through overcoming the harsh realities of racism that is firmly woven in the infrastructure of our society and succeeding in all walks of life at the same time.

"Class" Not "Crass"
Empowerment specifically targeted to combat the degradation of girls and women in our society by showing what real class is.

Dealing with Drama
Teaching Empowerment for people of all ages and backgrounds of getting rid of "drama" in your life and keeping it out of your life.

Pretenders vs. Contenders
Teaching Empowerment through letting your actions do the talking for your representation of yourself.

Good Guys Actually Do Finish First
Teaching Empowerment for males of all ages and backgrounds what it takes to be areal man and the real benefits of this life-changing rite-of-passage.

Who Are You?
Teaching Empowerment for all people to learn and to effectively use their true purpose in life to make this world a better place.

Perception vs. Reality
Teaching Empowerment by effectively differentiating reality from perception.

The Naked Truth Course
Teaching empowerment by removing the layers of one's soul and inner-being and exposing the real person that we all are both inside and out. 




Girl Power
Girl Power is the Full-Service Solutions Program of 1Starr  that is focused and dedicated to empowering females of all ages and ethnic backgrounds though effective Marketing, Advertising, and Entertainment. 

If you are tired of the objectification of women and girls and if you are tired of classless females that put all of their time and energy into destroying what so many women before them fought and sometimes gave their lives for, this is the Program for you.

Nubia is the Official Marketing and Advertising Division of 1Starr dedicated to providing empowering images and portrayal of African American Society with real and honest statistics and factual findings.  

Project One

We at 1Starr  Inc. truly believe in equality and true diversity.  1Starr  is proud to present Project One.  A Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Division specifically catered to the LGBT Community.

Ilimitado! es la division Latina de 1Starr , disenada para ofrecer los mismos servicios fabulosos y soluciones disenadas especificamente para hacer el mundo un mejor lugar para los Latinos y las communidades LatinoAmericanas. 

Ilimitado! esta orgulloso de proporcionar las siguientes soluciones: Marketing para Acontecimientos y Eventos de Publicidad, Promociones, y Instruccion Educativa.