The 1Starr Process Gets Results

At 1Starr , we believe that individuals and organizations can reach their highest potential by focusing on a few key building blocks:

Owning your accountability.

Clearly defined purpose and objectives.

Honest feedback.

Achievable action plans.

Our proven process helps people and teams develop these building blocks to accelerate breakthrough performance.

The Science of Breakthrough

Breakthroughs are not mystical. Nor do they drop in out of the blue. Breakthroughs result when you discover and own the beliefs and unconscious behaviors that affect your performance. They happen when you align your efforts and those of your team toward a common purpose.

Getting to that alignment is the challenge – and that’s where we come in. Together, we develop the behaviors and beliefs that make breakthrough possible.

Organizational Intervention

Conflict is natural and can be a productive source of new ideas and growth. Within an organization, conflict can sometimes become so entrenched that it inhibits growth and development. Our process addresses the cultural habits and behaviors that create unproductive conflict within a team. We’ll also help you reach practical resolutions to specific, ingrained disagreements.

 We can help reinvent your organization.

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Our Process

In our six steps, we help you identify blind spots and develop personal and accountable communication. You will learn to give and accept honest feedback – together we’ll create an action plan for moving forward.

Explore the issues

We start by identifying the challenges and unproductive behaviors that are holding you back. Maybe you can’t seem to get everything done. Maybe your team is not delivering quality work. Maybe you’re just going through the motions or even hate your job. Recognizing where you’re limited is the first step toward change.

Discover perceptions

Once we’ve identified the barrier in your way, we explore multiple views of it. Why do you think the team is not delivering? What do the other team members think? Any one perception can be an incomplete picture. By exploring all perceptions, we gain a holistic view of the inefficiencies in your organization.

Reveal limiting patterns

With a clear picture of the issue, we can target the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to it and restrict your ability to move forward. If you, as a leader, have trouble delegating effectively, it can hamper your own growth and that of your team. An existing process sustained by a limited mindset could be suppressing innovation.

Apply to real business challenges

Now you can change those limiting patterns. What difference would it make if you developed a style of accountable delegation? What would happen if you threw out the unproductive way you’ve always done things? We work with you to create a plan that will make real change by changing the patterns. Then we help you put that plan into action.

Experience the breakthrough

Once you start seeing real change – how altering beliefs and behaviors affects reality – you’ve had a breakthrough moment. Through effective delegation, you have more time. Get your team on the same page and backing you, and the game changes. You end up achieving exponential improvements you never thought possible.

Accelerate breakthrough performance in practice

Breakthrough moments accelerate change. Our process helps develop new ways of thinking and greater trust and teamwork – all of which lead to continued growth. It’s a pattern we can help you reinforce to continually accelerate performance.