The 1Starr Television Network (1TN) is the official platform for all digital television networks of 1Starr and its subsidiaries, DeyJay Plus Size and Big & Tall, IndyGirl Yoga & Fitness, and Untouchable Media & Events comprising of programming that is primarily for children, pre-teens, adolescents, and adults of all races and backgrounds from all over the world. The 1Starr Television Network (1TN) is truly the "People's Station" in the sense that the programming will be a 100% real reflection of society.  The 1Starr Television Network offers a broad range of lifestyle and entertainment-oriented programming that respects their values and reflects their intellectual and cultural diversity while providing the best entertainment for everyone.

The 1Starr Television Network is distributed via the Internet and radio broadcasting in markets where people of all walks of life with equal representation to all segments of the population.

With an engaging mix of original and acquired programming from key entertainment genres, 1TN1's programming will provide a sophisticated alternative for adult African American and Latin-American viewers.

The 1Starr Television Network (1TN)is a proud venture of 1Starr Inc., Youtube, Rumble, Vimeo, and DailyMotion

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